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Greater Bon Air

This is my new official “Bon Air” post. Throughout the last year, I have googled a lot and pasted many, many links into the comment section of a prior article (where is the New Fan, August 2017)  Over the last year, I have locked in on Bon Air and ultimately decided to move from the Fan area into the “Bon Area.” I am here to declare that BON AIR IS THE NEW FAN!

2018 0705 BonAerial

I have done a lot of thinking about Bon Air… Suffice it to say, I am learning a lot. If I had to boil it down to four topics worth talking about, I would say this:

(1) Defining “a place.”  What makes Bon Air a PLACE? Who if anyone has the authority to define the borders? There are a lot of definitions of “Bon Air,” and I want to be inclusive but also make sensible bright line distinctions and definitions about what I mean by “Bon Air.” Everyone in RVA knows that “The Fan” is different from “Carytown” and “the Museum District,” and there is a “place-ness” of that area that may not necessarily exist in the Southside or West End of Richmond. Example: it is not clear to me whether everyone agrees that “Brighton Green” and “Crestwood Farms” and “Brookwood Estates” and “Woodmont” and “Rock Creek Park Lake” are included in the definition of “Bon Air.” Even though the historic/Victorian part of Bon Air doesn’t have many commercial establishments, the residential community surrounding Old Bon Air is surrounded by commercial areas that everyone living in Bon Air knows about and goes to. Stratford Hills Shopping Center, Stony Point Mall, the Arboretum, the Shops at Bellgrade, and Stonebridge are not really located in Bon Air proper, but I would argue that they be included as a part of “Greater Bon Air.” 

2018 0625BonAirGIS_square

I guess I will have to learn to talk about Bon Air. Lacking any definitive authority, I am using some of my own definitions, which could be wrong. Instead of wondering what is in or out of the definition of Bon Air, tend to sometimes say “Greater Bon Air” to refer to an area that includes both Chesterfield County and City of Richmond. If you look at a map, Greater Bon Air is subdivided by a swampy and polluted Powhite Creek that I like to call the Poo-Hite Creek.  I think that saying “Bon Air Borderlands” helps to convey that the new Publix  near Taco Oasis (by the Stratford Hills Jason’s Deli)  is part of Bon Air’s area of Interest. Words have meaning, and I am learning what all the words do mean and inventing my own words sometimes.

2018 0705 Greater Bon Air

(2) History of Suburban Development in the 1960s and 1970s.  Bon Air really came into its current suburban form between 1960 and 1975. Not a lot of people are aware of Richmond’s annexation crisis of 1970- 1977, or the specifics of development decisions and school busing arrangements that drove many people to abandon downtown and  take up residence in the suburbs.  The Annexation caused a lot of community confusion in Bon Air and I believe some of that pain and heartache lingers even today.  This is important to me because I don’t really understand that time period, and every time I learn something about this era, I feel like I get a glimpse of  what is lurking in the cultural DNA of Bon Air institutions (the traditions of churches, shopping centers, schools, businesses, and community centers). Further, as I learn about this era, I learn about the Fan (In the 1960s and 1970s, the Fan was not the place it is today.  It was an aging but solid neighborhood  with 50-year-old houses, much like Bon Air is today.)

(3) Bon Air Futurism and Moderating My Hype.   I get excited about living here and say things like,“Bon Air is an incredibly undervalued area that is about to emerge.” Do I believe it? Maybe.  With the emergence of the Bon Air Special Area Plan (BASAP) that will add walkability and park-like amenities to “downtown” Bon Air, I imagine I am getting in on the ground floor of something big. MILLENNIALS ARE MOVING TO BON AIR! While I find all the new coffee shops and positive media buzz encouraging, I am also interested in how my notions of “culture” will morph as I live the next several years in a residential neighborhood. What will happen to aging recreation associations? Where else besides playgrounds and parks will we go for outdoor fun? Just learning about how to “do life” with friends and neighbors and our kids while NOT living in the Fan is going to be an interesting transition.  I am also curious as to how suburban life itself might morph due to the smartphone revolution —  (1)everything is Amazon-a-fying and all the malls are dying and (2) ubers are serving as a substitute for public transportation, and (3) you can get food delivered to your doorstep from restaurants.  So even without malls, public transportation and fine dining, Bon Air will have some but not all of the urban amenities through the power of technology.   What will the future bring?

(4) Nerding out online… Speaking of technology, the internet continues to offer vast resources at my fingertips to find information on Bon Air. I have reached “George Warren Wood” levels of obsession over Bon Air, in the sense of researching/Googling  history in my free time. What will come of this? I don’t know, but I am excited to find out!




Stonebridge and South Bon Air

AKA Eastern Midlothian Turnpike


I could do a timeline…

March 2008
— Kroger announces it will build largest Kroger on east coast (marketplace) at dead mall

— Midlo will get sidewalks between Spring Rock Green and Powhite.

–old mall was demolished after ~3 years of lying fallow.

December 2012
— Kroger Marketplace opens … and months later attracts Qdoba Mexican Grill, Sweet Frog and a Krispy Kreme

January 2013
— Carena’s Jamaican Grille rebuilt in 2012
— YMCA Richmond president says old Best products building at Spring Rock Green should be a YMCA
–> first Krispy Kreme in Cfield opens to great fanfare –>


Summer 2014 —
— Waffle House is scheduled to begin construction


August 2014–

— Timmons Group (engineering/consulting firm) announces via press release that they and the developer, Bond Companies are progressing nicely in revitalizing Spring Rock Green

— “We are very pleased with the expansion and revitalization efforts on Spring Rock Green. We have worked hand-in-hand with Bond Companies to ensure that the list of tenants mirror our revival efforts of the shopping center,” said Junie West, Principal of Timmons Group. “This area is a thriving community and we are focused on continuing to revamp the business and shopping options for the thousands of citizens who travel throughout this area every day.”



October 2014 — Free shuttles provided by GRTC from Spring Rock Green (and Willow Lawn) to the Richmond Folk Fest. (In 2015, the free shuttles from SRG and WL were cancelled, with only shuttles coming from City Stadium)


2015 — New Grand Mart, opens, and recent influx of tenants, including locations for Panera Bread, Starbucks and Chipotle Mexican Grill… plans for road to The Boulders … “Element at stonebridge” apartments to open by end of year
–> Zaxby’s rumored –>


May 2016 Element at Stonebridge (by Boyd Homes) opens

July 2016 — GRTC Spring Rock Green Express bus eliminated due to low ridership
Between November 2016 and April 2017, Stonebridge is sold to S2 Capital Partners LLC AKA Rob Seidel, president of S2 Capital Partners.


March 2017
— Announced Volleyball facility … The Stonebridge sports facility also will house programs for the Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation Department

June 2017 Stonebridge is “international”

August 2017 — owners host “Live at Stonebridge” Summer Concert Series 6/22, 7/13, 8/10


February 2018 — Spectrum Transformation Group, a clinic serving people with autism and other developmental, behavioral and mental disorders…breaks ground… A Zaxby’s is currently under construction.

April 2018
— Stonebridge recreation facility opens, joining the Bensley and Ettrick centers as the county’s third public recreation facility.

June 2018 –plans for a brewery?!?!




I wrote about moving last summer.

Now I am preparing for it.,fsbo,new_lt/mmm_pt/4-_beds/2-_baths/250000-450000_price/1000-1801_mp/2250-_size/globalrelevanceex_sort/37.557268,-77.524295,37.492941,-77.627378_rect/13_zm/h6b_sch/,fsbo,new_lt/mmm_pt/2-_beds/2-_baths/250000-450000_price/999-1798_mp/1300-2000_size/1870-1945_built/globalrelevanceex_sort/37.552671,-77.474905,37.546759,-77.485129_rect/16_zm/hprc2b_sch/1_rs/

Where do I start? Started with googling “Moving Services Richmond” and got the RTD best list.






Apparently they do free quotes. More to follow…



TV schedule, by day, with specific channels for each game





2018 0312 Snow Madness calendar

2018 0312 March Madness SNOW

Jeff Koterba cartoon for March 26, 2013 "March Madness Winter"


105443252018 0322 SWEET16.JPG

Funfacts about basketball for people who don’t know basketball…


* points in the paint (the key, will Chamberlain, 3 second rule)

* Zone defense vs man to man


* 1 and 1 foul shots (answered question)

* Screens / switches / Pick and roll

* Post Moves

== == == ==== ==== === ==


PG and other positions


How Steph Curry stretches the Defense

The charge circle

Full court press and VCU

CHANGING UP defenses

Give and go


Triple threat (shoot pass dribble)


Seconds to get across the half court line

Flagrant foul

Under 8 timeout and other tv timeouts












Christmas Clock

7am…  the first nowell / Joy To The World

8am… We Wish you a Merry Christmas

9am… Jingle Bells


11am … O Christmas Tree

Noon — Angels We Have Heard on High





5pm … Deck the Halls

6pm … the First Nowell

SilentNight [the sun is setting]

7pm… Joy to the World

9pm … Jingle Bells

10pm … Oh Come All Ye Faithful

11pm… I come all ye faithful [to bed]