calling out things that are dumb

Sometimes things are dumb and need to be called out as such.




I am starting a list of things that are dumb:

  • Elf on a Shelf. Why is this a thing?
  • Controversies around Christmas (whether to say “Happy Holidays” / whether to spell it “Xmas” vs “Christmas” / Starbucks Red Cups) … we have had this conversation
  • Hallmark holidays and commercial holidays like “Cyber Monday” that are all hype. They just want you to buy things.
  • Superlative lists made by media groups you have never heard of (basically PR) (example: “NoNameOnlineCompany names Richmond among the top ten cities for Singles!” … and then you click on the link and learn all about what NoNameOnlineCompany wants to sell you.)
  • “Special television events” and ” very special episodes” that are ploys for viewers during sweeps weeks.
  • Fake movements promoted by corporate interests (aka fake grassroots, aka astroturfing), or advertisements that say “Join The Movement” as if eating a burger is the same as activism.
  • Spooktaculars, ‘Toberfests, and EVENTNAME-o-weens
  • Making “banned ads” go viral as a form of protest — THAT WAS THEIR WHOLE PLAN!
  • Clicking “like” if you agree or “share” if you disagree — THAT WAS THEIR WHOLE PLAN!
  • Three easy payments of $34.67 — it’s ~$100 ok?
  • (Will add more later)


Mostly, these are “things that people WANT to be things-that-are-things, that ARENT’s THINGS” if that makes any sense.



This raises a lot of questions. Here are the answers to those questions:

Is it wrong to be super judgey of things? sometimes!  And some other times it is right and good to call out things that are dumb. I don’t want to be judgey guy, but I reserve the right to call a spade a spade.

Isn’t there a difference between opinions and facts? Yes. Facts are true everywhere and opinions are whatever a person believes about the facts.

Do facts really exist? Yes.

Does everyone get their own opinion? yes, and some opinions are dumb.

Isn’t your observation about “things that are dumb” merely an opinion? No, elf on a shelf is truly dumb, and is intellectually indefensible. I reserve “dumb” for similarly indefensible cultural dreck that  could go away without any negative repercussions.

Do I personally have opinions that are not facts? yes, such as my pet peeve about people who disparage cargo shorts. Reasonable people can disagree about some differences in opinions and still respect each other. On the other hand, some opinions and cultural phenomena are objectively dumb.  That is what this post is about.

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2 thoughts on “calling out things that are dumb”

  1. The wedding industry in general is dumb… Expectations for marriage proposals that are over the top and accompanied by a photographer… Engagement photos where everyone’s wearing plaid and making out in the woods…Or weddings where the bride and groom spend inordinate amounts of cash to pretend like they are in a Fairy Tale… DUMB!!!

  2. People who use their social media profileto promote the sales of makeup and or fake fingernails… DUMB!… That’s not why I’m friends with you… I don’t want to see that!

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