Dairy Free and Soy Free

This post is about how to eat and cook without using Soy and Dairy ingredients.

Background: Babies sometimes develop allergies in their guts … In many cases, the “enteritis”  goes away after less than 9 months, but in the mean time, a breastfeeding mom has to steer clear of foods. In our case: Soy and Dairy.

Just to give you a sense of how big this is for us… we cleaned out our fridge the other day…

These foods are off limits… they contain DAIRY or SOY!

We went to Ellwood-Thompson and Kroger and got some other grocery snacks

These foods are all Dairy Free and Soy Free

Some safe foods: 

Chips / Salsa / Tortillas

Chicken dishes (prepared without butter or cheese)

Beef dishes (for example, stew)

Almond milk is a good replacement for milk. Soy milk is obviously banned.

Ice cream, sherbet and chocolate are out. Sorbet is in.

Anything labelled “vegan” is dairy free (but you still have to check for soy)

Apparently, quiche (without cheese) is still tasty. My sister recommends Pilsbury pie crusts.

Some things to watch out for: 

Most breads have soy flour in them (BANNED!) and many baked goods have milk/butter (BANNED!)

Pasta is PROBABLY ok, but be aware that some pasta noodles contain soy(BANNED!), and some pasta/pizza sauces contain parmesan or other cheese (BANNED!)

There is soy in canola oil “spray” (BANNED!) but not in regular canola oil (NOT BANNED!).

any milk product labeled “Lactose free” is still considered dairy (BANNED!) because of the cow proteins. Also,”Casein” is a dairy (BANNED!) ingredient.

Bottom line:

we have to read the ingredients on everything now.

(submitted by my sister):  http://www.godairyfree.org/dairy-free-grocery-shopping-guide/dairy-ingredient-list-2


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