Obviously, I think Wikipedia is amazing. I remember in 2004 (ten years ago!) when Google search results started bringing up these “Wikipedia” articles, I looked into what this new wikipedia thing was and I was enthralled.


I kept telling people, “you guys, have you heard of Wikipedia [blank stares] … you need to get familiar with this thing called Wikipedia,  [more blank stares] No seriously, it is going to be a household name, like “Google” [they laugh at me and admit that Google, founded in 2000 was revolutionary, but they simply couldn’t comprehend (in 2004) that I was announcing something new to them about the internet].


In any case, I am a strong proponent of Wikipedia and the wikipedia editing community.

Here are some great articles I started:


Recently (September 2014) I learned that there is actually list of pictures that wikipedia would like people to contribute. They are calling this initative the “Summer of Monuments

There is actually a map where you can look and see all the requests for pictures in your area.

that map tool is here –>

I might try this!