Online and in person (Friends Who Blog)

This post links to some real live people that I want to be in conversation with online and in person.

1. (Faith, Food and Freedom Fighting)

2. (Kingdom Church)


4. –> (riding bareback beside a train)

5. –> Katie St.

6.  – Catherine

7.!thoughts/c1ux5 The Scoob

I am mildly obsessed with the notion that the internet facilitates REAL WORLD  / LIVE AND IN-PERSON conversations.

This post is not a blogroll of abstract “internet people” as much as a list of real live friends of mine (mostly in Richmond VA) who have recently (2013 / 2014) put themselves out there online. They are not “Thematically related to my blog”  … they are local friends and acquaintances whose blogs I have been meaning to read and comment on. We may or may not have discussions online, and may or may not continue those discussions in person.

Most bloggers I know think it is awesome if you leave comments. That is one thing I want to do more of.

NEVER FORGET that the people you are having discussions with online are REAL LIVE PEOPLE who have complex feelings, weird family members, pets, hobbies outside of the internet, and laundry to do. They may or may not have infinite time to debate with you online .

Also, NEVER FORGET that online interactions are different from in-person interactions because it is sometimes hard to hear the nuances of emotion / sarcasm / anger / humor in people’s online typing.  for example sSDASDFdvjnsdvkjsaASDFASDFvkjavkj could mean laziness, frustration, or just silliness.

Do you have any comments? leave them below or on one of my other posts. Or maybe on one of the above blogs!


Here are some other conversations I like to participate in under some sort of pseudonym:

1. RVA100days… a 100-day conversation project sponsored by RVAnews. Every day, there is a new policy issue or idea posted regarding future of RVA. I make a comment almost every day. –>



I am trying to re-stain my deck


80 grit sandpaper

mmm mmm


Cleaning brush on trouble spots

Clean off w/ power washer

LET DRY 48 hrs

3 feet above and below





4″ bruch

2″ TRIM brush

rubber gloves

mineral spirits

DRY for 24 hrs