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I used to have a really pretentious blog landing page, but now I just have a picture of an iceberg and a description of the blog’s purpose.


Blog Purpose: What makes me tick? Most people don’t take the time to go “underneath the surface” … and I usually don’t take the time to explain it to people.  Now that I am 15 years out of college, I am taking the time to write down the things I take for granted about myself.  For the last year or so, I have been trying to “write my memoirs” in order to address the mid-life crisis realization that most of my friends really don’t understand me or where I am coming from. They are not privy to VERY BASIC FACTS (experiences I have had… key influences… what motivates me… what I am actually doing with my life).  In the process of posting various topics on this blog, I am trying to point to themes and narratives that integrate my various identities, online or otherwise into a coherent whole picture. In an artsy fartsy attempt at biographical  Pointillism, I am posting a bunch of seemingly random topics that, when taken together, draw a picture.

Most people still won’t get it, but at least I tried.

Side note Dec 2014: The one person who took a look at my iceberg pic told me that it looks like Patrick from Sponge Bob.


I was going for more of an iceburg (emphasizing that the outward things that everyone sees are rooted in higher-order activities and thoughts that are invisible)


ah, well! Here is a pic of Patrick from Sponge Bob!


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